1,000 Crunches and still No ABS ?!

I really hope the title of this post does not describe your current exercise efforts. Unfortunately, it does describe one overweight woman I saw at the gym.

Let me explain…

Most people know that I love to exercise at home, but I recently got a 1 day pass to the new “fancy schmancy” gym in my town and I decided to give it a try.

It was definitely fancy all the way. The place had every crazy machine ever made (I say crazy because I still can’t understand why someone would actually make a bicep curl machine…you could just pick up one dumbbell and curl…and save a few thousand dollars…ok, back to my point).

As I was going through my first exercise circuit (squat and press, walking lunges, and pushups) I couldn’t help but notice the woman behind me working out with her personal trainer. They were doing crunches on the floor for what seemed to be forever! Just when I thought they were done, they moved on to a different style of crunches, and then another. I don’t have the exact count but, I swear she must have done at least a thousand of them!

I am not here to mock anyone’s exercise efforts. This woman was at the gym and doing what she “thought” was correct. You see, she was visibly 40-50 pounds overweight and I couldn’t understand how spending 20 minutes doing crunches was going to get her closer to her weight loss goals. I can assure you, it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are just as misinformed as this woman. This includes myself several years ago before I understood that eating the right foods and exercising the right way was going to get me the lean midsection (and the lean body) I was looking for.

What I really needed was a solid training program that could teach me effective exercises to lean out my mid-section without the 1000 useless crunches (I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess this may be what you need as well). After looking through and trying out many different programs (some with no results and some with ok results), I finally found one I actually wanted to stand behind. Why? Because it worked!

Getting a lean and toned six pack is exactly what my good friend and fellow fitness and nutrition expert Mike Geary teaches in his incredible book The Truth About Abs. The title really says it all as Mike goes in-depth into exactly what it takes to get those chiseled abs everyone is looking for. I actually purchased Mike’s book long before I had ever even heard of him or contacted him. After reading the content of his program, I knew this was a fitness professional I wanted to get in touch with.

What is so amazing to me is that Mike is one of the only experts I’ve seen that gives people a solid and effective fat burning nutrition strategy to go along with his workouts. I am going to make a really bold statement right now and tell you there is absolutely NO way you are ever going to see your abdominals if you do not follow the right nutrition plan. No way, no how (unless you have some insane batch of genetics. In that case, you lucky dog!)

You will also see how Mike’s nutrition principles align perfectly with mine. They really fit great together to maximize his workout regimen and guarantee you results. Great nutrition plus an effective workout regimen equals amazing results. Hands down, every time!

I also really like how Mike has provided great workout routines for every level exerciser. It doesn’t really matter if this is your first time exercising or if you have been at this for years. You can progress through the workouts starting at your own personal fitness level and get great results no matter where you are starting from.

Don’t let yourself become the “thousand crunch woman” (or man for that matter). Take a look at Mike’s program today to get a REAL guide on how to get chiseled abdominals. Trust me when I tell you, Mike’s program will be a thousand times more effective than a thousand crunches!

The Truth About Abs

Oh, and what happened to the woman at the gym? I’m not really sure. I guess I will just hope she gets her hands on my newsletter one day!

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