Types of Yoga Postures and its Benefits

Regular yoga practice provides countless yoga benefits. Apart from using yoga for weight loss, it is also a well-organized way to get relief from anxiety. Read on and get to know about various types of yoga moves for beginners and yoga benefits.



Uttanasana pose yogaThis is a popular one among yoga moves for beginners. Stand straight and put your legs together. Begin inhaling and raise your hands until it reaches above your head. Breathe out, bring your arms frontward and bend your hips to touch the floor. Keep hands behind your legs and join them together, and stay in the position for eight breaths. Bring your hands in the front and twisting your torso upwards. Keep your head down till you are totally straight. Do this four to five times.



Ardha Sarvangasana

Ardha SarvangasanaStretch out on your back and lift the legs up using your hands. Put the body weight on your upper back and shoulder. See that your lower arms and elbows rest on the floor. Breathe deeply and maintain this pose for five to eight minutes. Gradually lower your legs under controlled motion and keep them straight. Apart from reducing weight, this is a very useful asana among the types of yoga for enhancing memory.




TrikonasanaThis is another well-liked exercise in yoga moves for beginners. You should stand straight and stretch your legs outwards. Move your left leg outwards and bring your right leg inwards. Breathe in and raise arms to bring them parallel to the ground. Exhale and form a V-shape body with feet and palm on the floor and the head facing your feet. Place the left foot to the left palm and lift the right palm until straight up. Turn your head upwards and continue focusing on the right hand with your eyes. Hold this position for two minutes while taking deep breaths. Breathe out and lower your arms and head and get back to the initial pose.


Ardha Kapotasana

Ardha KapotasanaSit on the heels with the folded legs. Bring one leg out behind you and place the palms in front of your body and turn the front leg around. Breathe in while stretching the body back, so that you are looking up and hold the pose for thirty seconds. Get back to the initial pose and execute with other sides as well. Among the types of yoga exercises, this is a very helpful asana to shed extra weight fast.



Though these are yoga moves for beginners, they are not easy and need dedication. However, apart from focusing on boosting the burning of calories, these yoga exercises also help to improve blood circulation and offer various benefits.


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