Untemplate Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Untemplate Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Day in and day out we find ourselves settling into a routine. Driving to the same grocery store, climbing on the same elliptical machine, and preparing the same meals. What a bore. At some point along our journey we decided that we found what “works” for our mind, body and spirit and thus stick to it like a frantic fly on fly paper.

Or perhaps the schedule and humdrum that has you swimming in circles exists only because it fits your budget and time constraints. We forget how important “me” time is. How vital it is to take the time for your health. It’s okay to be selfish in that regard. Of all ways to be selfish, finding self balance is the most beneficial for everyone. When you are happy, balanced and energized you serve and inspire the people around you triple fold.

The sleep deprived, cracked out on coffee, stress case version of yourself only hurts you, everyone you encounter, and (most importantly 😀 ) your productivity. How dare we be unproductive!

With that being said, shattering the self induced template of our lives and designing our epic self is imperative for growth. Ask yourself if your current template or routine is actually delivering the results you want. Are you as energetic as you’d like? Sculpted to a T? Happy with your stress levels? Bloated from lunch? Asking ourselves these questions periodically is the first step in making positive change.

As you all know I write for Untemplater.com. A lifestyle design website devoted to shattering the template life and encouraging you to take your life in your own michelangelo hands and make of it what you dream. Well, I was recently interviewed and had the opportunity to share some tips with the sites massive readership.

Untemplate Your Mind, Body And Spirit

We chat over ways to eat better on a shoestring budget and how to stay motivated for workouts

source : Amber Zuckswert | www.epicself.com

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