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What is Raw Food?

Raw food is the oldest “diet” on the planet. What could be more simple and natural than fresh and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, whole and sprouted grains, and superfoods growing in the wild?

Recently it has become a part of mainstream culture, an ancient way of eating that has come to the forefront of a very high-tech and “fast-food nation”. People are realizing that fast isn’t necessarily better and processed does not equal convenience or health.

Our food should be nourishing, it’s purpose to maintain a level of energy and vitality in our bodies that allow us to function in the world, combat stress and Raw food Diet - lose weightdisease, allowing us to fully experience and enjoy our lives.

It’s commonly known that when food is heated above 118 degrees (this number fluctuates a tiny bit), enzymes and nutrients are destroyed and our bodies must dip into our own stores of enzymes to help digest the food, robbing our bodies of defenses against illness.

Meat, dairy, and sugar have been shown over and over again to be detrimental to our health in many ways, and the more processed a food is the more damage it does to our bodies.

With raw food, you can eat as simply (salads, mono-meals, picking things from trees and the garden) as you’d like, or you can experiment with many of the fancier dishes, recipe books, and amazingly upscale raw food restaurants all over the world.

Imagine eating ice cream sundaes, chocolate bars, cookies, cakes, and fudge without any of the guilt. Imagine eating a five course dinner of the most incredible flavors and textures and then have boundless energy left to go dancing all night long.

This is all part of the raw food lifestyle.

Colds, flus, allergies, and excess weight simply cease to be a part of your life. Cloudiness lifts and suddenly not only do you have massive amounts of energy, clear and glowing skin, bright eyes, and toned muscles, but you’re in a better mood and find yourself in relationships that nourish and support you rather than drain and deplete.

No longer consuming hormones, antibiotics, chemical additives, we give our bodies the greatest gift of all- freedom from disease, and the freedom to live as the most amazing beings we are.

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  • ching March 26, 2010

    i would love to have my meals by picking greens from garden .. as fresh as it could be! tasteful and refreshing!!

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