What to do if your workout strategy is NOT working?

I learned such a great and valuable lesson over the past few weeks…

When one strategy doesn’t work, you’ve got to try another and another until you find the one that works.

Sound obvious? Well it may be. But many times after we make an attempt to accomplish a goal and it doesn’t work exactly the way we had planned the first and second time, we’re tempted to just throw in the towel and just tell ourselves (and others) a bunch of excuses as to why it didn’t work.

Let me explain…

Before the birth of my son 3 months ago, I always exercised at home. With just a few items (a few dumbbells, an exercise ball and a spinning bike) I could put together an effective and intense workout.

Well, all of that drastically changed when my son was born. I made every attempt to do my workouts at home…waited until he was asleep, put him in a swing, even tried to sing to him while doing squats and lunges. None of that ever really worked. Sure, I might have gotten a few of the first exercises done, but it was never quite a complete and focused workout (How focused can you be singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” during a set of squats?)

If I was committed to get myself back into my pre-baby shape I had to re-adjust my strategy!

First and foremost I decided to join a gym near my house where they offer a wonderful babysitting service. Yes, I would rather workout at home, but that clearly was not working and I am open minded and willing to give something new a try. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even meet some other new moms and we can keep each other motivated.

Secondly, I had to put some structure back into my workouts. I wasn’t following any specific plan and I was kind of just “winging” it each time. I know firsthand this is NOT the way to reach any fitness goal. So shame on me for not setting myself on a structured plan sooner.

The program for me is going to be Rob Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace. I chose Rob’s program not only because it is intense and effective, but because it only requires 3 workouts a week, each only taking 30-40 minutes. Yes, I am committed to my fitness goals, but my time is very, very limited these days (whose isn’t right?) so I do need to get in and out of the gym and back in front of the computer in less than 1 hour. Rob’s workouts are put together in a way that allows me to do just that, without sacrificing intensity or results.

What can you do if your current workout strategy is just not working?

1. If you’ve tried over and over again to fit exercising into a certain time of the day without success, try something different! Switch to a morning workout instead of an evening workout where you may already be tired from a long day. If kids are what’s keeping you down, recruit another parent to watch your kids during your workout and then you watch theirs while they work out. Or even setting up dinner in the morning in the crockpot so you have more time after work to fit in some exercise would work well 2-3 days per week. The point here is to get creative and keep trying until you find the scenario that works best for you.

2. Pick one program and commit to it for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. If you need a plan that’s time efficient, effective and easy to follow you can start Rob’s program like I did. Or you may already have a program you like that you want to follow. Whichever it may be, pick one and COMMIT to it.

How about you? Take some pictures today and get started on Rob’s program.
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