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Food – The base of Nations

Introduction Some distinct characteristics are common to cultures regarded as having originated from distinct geographic regions. These characteristics allow us to recognize the common origins of modern food in general. For human beings, the essential requirements in sustenance are water, food, air, sunlight, and basic carbohydrates. People everywhere are inclined to the use of cereals, pulses, beans, and lentils. All these are considered part of the food. Eren something in the daily food taken in from the plate.Water is a necessary element in most diets. Water intake […]

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What Exactly Is American Food?

Introduction When a potential diner peruses the brief description of any restaurant, they likely get a sense of what type of cuisine can be found on the menu. Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese. These all conjure up visions of favorite entrées filled with spices, meats, vegetables, etc., authentic to the lands from which they came. But, what about America? What exactly is American food? Most Americans would rattle off a list of well-known dishes, most served at baseball games, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries (something in […]

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