A Celebration of Authentic Italian Cuisine


Most non-Italians can identify with the Italian food that they are familiar with. All pasta, pizza, lasagna, red sauce, spaghetti, and far beyond are familiar to most. There is much more to Italy than just this, though. Italian food is as varied as the country itself, and you would be hard-pressed to sample the complete Italian experience on vacation as well as living in Italy. The Mediterranean kitchen is very diverse, and you will have to travel a long ways if you are to experience the complete Italian food experience.

The Freshness Factor

Before you go, make sure that you are able to see the product that is available. Fresh produce is a great pleasure to the eye and is a delight to the taste buds. Not many people can replicate the experience of enjoying fresh produce, but you can be a part of it if you wish. Juice drinks and packaged salads may be a part of your adventure, but many experienced tourists get their supplies during the winter months from local farmers.

The Interesting Pasta Drinks

You will quickly find that there are many interesting beverages available on a pasta table. It is a pleasure to try new and exotic drinks, but you will also find that there are many standard Italian drinks that are served with practically every meal. You will find some very standard drinks that will be offered, and you will also find that there are many wines that are also standard, including many that are considered to be poor. The wines are usually served in moderation. The caffeine level in these drinks will often have an explaining effect on your Italian adventure. If you are looking to lower your caloric intake, you will want to stick with the wines and use the coffee for added flavor.

Lunch and Dinner

The best place to have Italian food for lunch and dinner is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of traditional meals. You will likely enjoy many of the Italian dishes offered. The problem with a lot of the Italian dishes that you will find at a restaurant like this is that there are a lot of options, and the choices can range from truly amazing to completely forgettable. You will need to be extremely careful with what you order, and you may find that there are many references to ingredients that you have never heard of if you do not have prior experience with the cuisine.
After enjoying your meal, it is important to remember that you need to rinse the dishes well for additional flavor. The Veracruzano sauce, for instance, can often be seen as a regulating ingredient for the entire region that uses this name. The wines of this region are also very rich in flavor, and it is often the case that a glass of Pinot Grigio is going to have a metallic taste to it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it gives the wine a nice bite and a tin flavor. The cream and spices that are added to the region’s pizza also help carry more of the flavors than if you had just made the dish yourself.

With that being said, there are many dishes that are made in the region that do not have such a distinct flavor. Fish and other seafood dishes can also often be found that are made with ingredients that are not as readily available as they once were, and yet the tradition remains the same. These dishes can be ordered as well, and the server will still compliment you on your choice of choice. These would include Calamari, which is a smoked fish, and mussels like Stromboli and pets.

Choosing a pasta dish is often the most difficult choice for a newcomer, as there seems to be a choice of long and short pasta and not just ramen. This is because there are several distinctive flavors and styles of pasta, and you may have to try several to find your favorites. You may find that once you find your favorites, you will be able to locate the dish in other regions. Wandered in another country and tried a dish that literally took me forever to decide upon. I remember when we went to Japan, and they served shark entrees. We were suitably surprised at the occurrence and found the dish to be quite refreshing.

There are several methods to determine whether or not you like a particular plate of pasta. The easiest method is to look at the colors of the pasta that is before you. Most people will see that most of the pasta there is a white or even light color. This is fine, it seems to be the way it should be for most people, but in my opinion, it is not good enough. When you add the pasta to the boiling water, it becomes distinct and opinionated, the flavors start popping and you are left with a bowl full of pasta goodness.


Another way to judge pasta is by it’s a crumb. The last thing you want to have happened is to have your spaghetti strand come back together.

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