Freeze Dried Survival Food – How Different and Useful it Is


Today’s world is unpredictable; consumers have seen many different emergency situations where food and water are at a premium. Freeze-dried survival food can be stored for over 30 years and still be available on your shelf.

Every family should have a supply of nonperishable food and water to last for a minimum of two weeks. Many people realize that things do not always go as planned and have a year’s worth of nonperishable food stored for just such emergencies as Katrina. Planning ahead for emergencies can allow a family to wait out a disaster in relative comfort.

There are many companies that are now selling freeze-dried survival food that is packaged to last. While you can find individual freeze-dried survival food, most of the individual packages you can find at a sports store do not have the shelf life of survival-prepared foods.

You will find that those freeze-dried foods packaged for survival will have an enamel coating surrounding the can so that the atmosphere does not wear on the can itself. This means that the food inside is actually protected longer. Cans and packaging eventually deteriorate due to oxygen, moisture, and of course, pollution. So if you are looking for survival food, you’ll want the type that is packaged for longevity.

Also, it’s recommended that you increase your protein during times of stress, such as emergency food shortages. The body’s need for protein is increased, and you’ll find that you will be hungry for longer periods of time. You may also have to replace your animal protein in the case of emergency starvation.

Fortunately, you can find a large variety of freeze-dried survival food packaged to last over 30 years. In fact some foods have been tested for freshness and nutrient value for over 33 years. You will find beef jerky, dehydrated dried Mountain House® beef and unopened canning jars filled with survival freeze-dried food stored in #10 cans.
As you can see, freeze dried food is not only convenient but is also extremely well worth the money, if you can afford it. You will find a variety of flavors, for whatever you like and the storage provided is large. You may find that you may have to store your food in two different containers or even in three separate containers because the sizes are so different.

Are a good place to start looking if you are interested in survival preparedness for your family. You will find there are many companies online that offer a variety of freeze-dried survival food that will last over 30 years. This is a good way to get the food you need while waiting for supplies to become available from your local emergency operations center or while waiting for electricity to go back up and food to become available on the open market.
The foods prepared in these Ready to Eat freeze-dried cans are sealed to last for up to 30 years, and experts recommend that you not open the can after you have purchased it. If you do, the food may spoil within a short period of time.
The next time that you reach into your emergency survival bag, you may find that it contains an assortment of nonperishable items such as emergency first aid, first aid kit, toiletries, fuel, first aid mix, baby food, formula, and other items that you may have a need for your family survival.
surge resources like these will help you to quickly run out of food and water. The best time to eat these foods is immediate in a disaster or emergency.

List of commonly used freeze-dried survival food
When you hear the word freeze-dried survival food, what comes to your mind? Basically, it is food that has been flash-frozen while still edible. You can also find canned survival food in grocery stores, which are also freeze-dried. They have a longer shelf life, and many people find it easier to prepare these foods than the other types of foods.

The following are a number of the most popular freeze-dried survival foods:

  • 5-gallon bucket
  • This is a popular tool that is often used in many survival situations. It is often used in combination with sugar and salt, knowing that you will need those items to get you through an emergency.
  • Sugar
  • Naturally, sugar is essential to your body; but the problem is that our body does not store its stores for a long time. It needs to be replenished on a regular basis. The best way to replenish your sugar stores is to consume sugar. This is preferably in the form of baking powder, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, tapioca starch, malt powder, and/or quinoa flour.
  • You will also need milk, peanut butter, honey, beef liver, and eggs.
  • Prepare an emergency water supply by obtaining a five-gallon bucket or a plastic container that is used to hold phosphate rock.

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