Pizzas – Its Origin and Evolution


Pizzas have been present since ancient times. Reasonably priced pizzas can be found in any market, restaurant or street vendor. In fact, pizzas are such a food love/hate item that in Italy, pizzas are eaten only during a holy trinity event. (okay, maybe there is a little Easter egg in that statement). For the United States, it is treated like pizza that can be found at almost any event, not just on holiday. As it made its journey across the country, the pizza traveled to the West Coast but found its home in the mid-South USA. Currently, pizzas are found in the Midwest, South, and parts of the Northeastern United States.

The Italian Influences

The Italian influence on pizza is hard to underestimate. It is a Mary Mayhew creation and one of the world’s more reputable fast food operations. Genetics play a large part in how pizzas are created, and the $10 to $20 price point pizzas command has little competition.
The current global growth of the pie is thanks to an explosion in mobile pizza ordering. Originating in Asia, mobile pizza is a phenomenon that allows for consumers to order pizza at their convenience, from their cellular phones, without the assistance of a traditional Penguin or Jaycees kiosk. According to a recent University of Michigan study, consumers are three times more likely to eat pizza if it is ordered from a portable device. Choosing a mobile device over the larger version allows a hungry traveler to eat only the equivalent of one trip to the self-service restaurant.
The popular pizza chain, Dominos, has embraced mobile pizza and developed their electronic system. As well as Simple Pizza’s electronic system, Domino’s system includes self-serve kiosks, which allow customers to place their orders and pay for their orders with their credit card. This system has allowed Domino’s to deliver on their promise of building internal sales of $4.4 billion in the first half of the decade.

According to a recent poll by a sustainability think tank, Domino’s should be recognized as a progressive company in the coming years. The Pollstar Magazine, a publication of the National Restaurant Association, released their annual Quality Barometer in October 2009. the quality Meatvenserve a proactive effort to enhance the restaurant’s internal sustainability efforts. Domino’s worked with Whole Foods Market with the plaza, the farmers market, and local partners to develop a sustainable program to transition from meat to 100% grass-fed beef with locally sourced ingredients.

Sustainable Ingredients

To complement its 180-minute delivery from fresh to your table, Domino’s lists the 100% grass-fed ingredients used in each of its pizzas. Domino’s says they are using real ingredients from local farmers, and aside from the antibiotics used in processing, the ingredients are all local.
While Domino’s may have an increasingly popular menu, many local people like the old-school pizzas since it is one they grew up with. As more and more people order from Domino’s and have their favorites delivered home, the company is working to ensure that their pies are as good as their reputation. A few years ago, they launched their Organic pizza, a limited-time exclusively available in the company’s northeastern region. Prior to that, most organic pizza was purchased by a handful of major players. However, the company is making it a cornerstone brand and hoping that it will eventually spread throughout the company’s U.S. operations.

Another goal of the company is to bring the Community into the Pizza Industry. To this end, Domino’s team and other companies like theirs work closely with their communities to ensure that they are cultivating a sustainable environment for future generations. By working with local farmers, these companies are able to reduce the environmental impact of their facilities and help ensure that the Community is involved in their business.

Regardless of what it is that you are after, food Seasons is a company that has proven itself over the years and they prove that they are willing to work with anyone who is interested in sharing their business with them for the common good.


Pizza has become not only a favorite food but also a fun hobby. There are a lot of options today when you are looking to find a great deal on pizza, and you will be able to have the best of both worlds with a little local direction. You will love finding a location closer to you for pizza on Fridays. Or you can save time and order online. Either way, you will have fun trying new types of pizza and feel good knowing that your opinion is being heard. So get out there and start making your own pizzas and having the most enjoyable time with your best friends.

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